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Buses and minibuses in Northern Cyprus cover the routes between all major towns and larger villages, but they do not go to many of the main tourist attractions. That is why a car rental is recommended. They are a varied mix of old and newer privately owned vehicles. Each bus route is leased privately from the North Cyprus government. Being of different sizes they are most commonly white mini buses or bigger colourful old fashioned ones. The destination is usually shown in the front windscreen. Locally they are known as kombos (from Turkish dolmus). It originally signifies the bus when fully loaded by commuters. Either stand at a bus stop or you can simply flag the vehicle down anywhere along the main road.


The buses in TRNC do not follow fixed schedule. However, bus departures are frequent (every 20-30 minutes) between large and smaller towns during the weekdays and weekends. After 7 pm the service is not that frequent. When visiting Karpaz, bus service is limited and does not run mostly on Saturdays. The buses in Northern Cyprus run differently during summer and winter period. In summer last bus goes usually at 8pm, while in winter the last one is 6pm bus.


Bus service in North Cyprus is cheap. The prices generally vary between 7 TL  and 25 TL The long-distance ticket cost is higher, especially when you travel to remote areas, Karpaz for instance. The fare is paid directly to the bus driver. Remember to bring some change with you.

Types of Bus Service

There is mostly interurban and rural type of bus service in Northern Cyprus. The interurban buses link major towns, the rural buses connect smaller villages to their nearest towns. Although there are public buses in North Nicosia, they tend to mainly service the suburbs outside the Old City. Buses leave from near Kyrenia Gate. In Kyrenia there exists the collective way of transport that is carried out on the main road. For reaching the areas around Kyrenia, however, car hire or taking a taxi is a better bet.

What is the cheapest way to get from Ercan Airport (ECN) to Kyrenia?

The cheapest way to get from Ercan Airport (ECN) to Kyrenia is to drive and bus which costs 4€ - 6€ and takes 1h.



  • Leave the airport via the main exit.

  • At the first roundabout, continue straight ahead

  • You will see a petrol station on your right hand side (useful for topping up your tank when you return your North Cyprus hire car, by the way!)

  • Just beyond the petrol station is a roundabout. Take the LEFT exit towards Kyrenia (Girne)

  • Continue along this road for approximately 15 minutes, passing through various sets of traffic lights.

  • You will now come into a part of town full of car dealerships! You will pass an Opel showroom on your left and a Hyundai showroom on your right.

  • Continue on past the football stadium on your right

  • At the next roundabout, (which has a VW showroom by it!), take the RIGHT hand exit towards the north and the mountains.

  • Continue along this road as it winds through the countryside, and you will come into Kyrenia itself.

  • This road will take you into the heart of the old city and the harbour area. If your accommodation is not in the centre of town, make sure you get directions from the main roundabout just outside of Kyrenia itself.


  • If you want to fly directly to Cyprus cutting out the stop over in Turkey you can do so by flying into Southern Cyprus.  This is done by flying to Larnaca Airport.  Larnaca airport is located in the south of Cyprus and from most European countries it involves a direct flight.  There are over 20 different airways that serve Larnaca airport.  If you are from the EU you won’t need a visa to visit northern or southern Cyprus.

  • When you reach the main exit at Larnaca airport you will come to a roundabout.  Here you need to take the left exit which is sign posted Lefkosia (59km).  Keep going until you come to the next roundabout and continue straight through still heading for Lefkosia.  Next you will come to a large roundabout with an overpass; here you will take the right exit to Lefkosia which will say 56km.  You will now be on the main A3 dual carriageway. 

  • The next turn you will take will be a left that is signposted Larnaka and Leftkosia on the A2.  Continue until you come to a roundabout where you will take the left lane towards Lefkosia.  Continue along the A2 towards Lefkosia.  This road will then merge with the A1.  You need to continue on this road. 

  • After about 44km into your drive you will see a football stadium on your left.  You will also see signs for Troodos, Stovolos, and Keryneia.  From here you need to take junction 3 which is for the B22/A9.  When you come to the roundabout you need to take the left filter lane which is signposted Keryneia (38km).  Keep going and go straight through the traffic lights which are situated beside a shopping centre and follow the signs for Lakatameia and Troodos.  You will come to another set of traffic lights and then a roundabout where you need to continue straight heading for Lakatameia and Troodos.

  • When you come to the roundabout that also has a metro store, continue straight heading for Keryneia and Troodos.  When you come to the next roundabout go straight heading for Makedonitissa and Keryneia.  You will then come to a T junction on the top of a hill.  There will also be a church on your right hand side.  You need to take the right towards Kioneli and Keryneia.

  • When you come to the next roundabout keep going straight.  You will come to the Coca Cola factory and you will need to turn left at the traffic lights.  The signpost will be marked Kioneli and Keryneia.  The border is now just ahead of you so you can take the slip road to the left and park up.  You will need to get your papers stamped. 

  • Once you have passed through the border you will come to a roundabout, keep going straight.  At the second roundabout you will need to take the left exit towards Girne, Kyrenia, Gonyali, Guzelyurt.  Keep going straight until you come to the next roundabout.  Here you will take the right exit.  Keep going until you come to another roundabout.  This roundabout will have large memorial statues beside it.  Take the left exist towards Kyrenia/Girne.  Follow this road through the mountains and you will find yourself in beautiful Kyrenia ready to relax and enjoy your North Cyprus holiday.


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