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North Cyprus…natural landscapes offer an endless array of possibilities for an unforgettable holiday: undiscovered sandy beaches, rolling Cypress covered hills, and dramatic Mountain ranges.Whether you choose leisurely sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, a spa break or an active sporting holiday,you’ll be amazed at what….North Cyprus has to offer….Enjoy your holiday in Cyprus


**Motoring here is simple and fun! The rules of the road are the same as in the UK, road signs are familiar and you drive on the left.The road conditions are reasonably good and signposted.Seat belts must be fastened.


  • Competitive Rate

  • Compheransive Insurance

  • All cars air-conditioned

  • Pick-up and drop off the car at customers choice of location.

  • Minimum 3 day car hire period

  • 24 Hour Service in case of breakdown and accident.

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