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North Cyprus is proud to offer crystal clear beaches that one can hardly find anywhere else in the Mediterranean; it has a varied coastline and amenities for swimmers: luxurious beaches of large hotels or remote ones lost behind wild dunes.On the east coast between Famagusta and Bogaz,a golden beach stretches for about 15 miles.By contrast on the north coast on either side of Kyrenia, there are cosy beaches with bars and sports facilities.Ideal climatic conditions make it possible for water lovers to enjoy swimming for about eight months in a year. In fact,most European visitors take the advantage of the wonderful climatic conditions of our Island and not only swim all year round but also enjoy various water sports activities including sailing, snorkelling, windsurfing, waterskiing etc.


Beach Safety in Northern Cyprus: Do not expect to find lifeguards or any form of flag warning system on North Cyprus beaches.Never leave children unattended. Do not swim on your own and keep check of the tides,currents and strong winds.Swimmers should not get out of their depth and caution should be taken with all inflatable.Never drink and swim.

Escape Beach Club (Yavuz Çıkarma Plajı): Has several other names -Five Mile Beach (the approximate distance from Kyrenia), Sunset Beach and Yavuz Cikarma in Turkish.The area is landscaped with grass and flowers.There is little shade but sun loungers and umbrellas are for hire and a large restaurant overlooks the sands. A rocky islet protects the beach from the open sea though swimmers who venture beyond the island have been drowned in the strong currents. A sand bank connects the islet to the shore and you can paddle across if you wish to. Water sports are available, including jet skis, canoes and pedal boats.There is also a scuba diving school. It can get very busy in the summer thought the eastern end, where jet skis and boats are banned, is much quieter. Open-air night parties bring in the youngsters with club music from European Djs.


Golden Bay ve Denizkizi Beaches: Around the headland is the private Deniz Kizi or Mermaid Beach.Set in an attractive horseshoe bay the beach belongs to two hotels, the Deniz Kizi and Deniz Kizi Royal, so it can get very busy.Just above the beach is a large freshwater swimming pool open to the public.As well as the usual sun loungers there is a variety of water sports including windsurfing, water skiing and fun rafts for the children.

Sivil Savunma Beach:This attractive, small, private, sandy beach has recently been open to the public.There is a sign to it from the Starling Market  on the main road.The area was until recently under military control and there are still several warning signs around but these can be safely ingnored.There is a pleasant restaurant overlooking the sea.

Oris Beach Club:A holiday village here has dumped sand to improve the beach, also called Green Coast, but it quickly turns to shingle and harp stones out at sea.Beach shoes are a must for swimmers.There is a restaurant on the beach ansd showers and toilets. The complex has a large car park.

Camelot Beach Club: Still heading west of Kyrenia,beyond the villages of Karaoglanoglu and Alsancak is the village of Lapta.Here a small private sandy beach, also called Incirli Plaji, is signposted from the Friends Beach Bar and Restaurant.The shoreline water is very shallow making it ideal for children.There is the restaurant and a bar, free toilets and sun loungers for hire.


Sunset/Incirli Beach: Go westwards off Kyrenia and you will find Sunset Beach which is situated approximately 10 miles from Kyrenia, in Lapta.You can relax under an umbrella on a seabed and enjoy the sandy beach which turns into shingles when you enter the sea.Be aware of the rocks inside the sea since you can skid easily. A small restaurant and a bar are available with free toilets.

Mare Monte Beach:This long stretch of sand belongs to the Mare Monte Hotel beach about 9km west of Kyrenia.There are all the usual hotel facilities such as bar, shower, sun loungers and so on. It is very popular beach with the locals so the weekends are usually busy. There are a large number of steps to the beach so its not for those who have difficulty walking.


Pictures of Escape and Denizkizi beaches within 5 minutes walking distance to our hotel.

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