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We have recently finished installing our Solar Energy System onto the wasteland behind our hotel. The Land is fully covered with 170 solar panels generating 50.0kwp of electric energy per year. We are extremely proud to have been named as “Eco Friendly-Green Hotel” by March 2020…

As an environmentally-friendly hotel, a part of our mission is to inform our guests about their opportunity to participate in keeping North Cyprus beautiful for the future generations to enjoy. We put so much effort in order to improve our contributions on Mother Nature and preserve the beauty of North Cyprus, while still providing a  comfortable  boutique hotel.

At the Bare Hill Holiday Village, we recognise the impact of our business on the environment and are committed to manage the hotel in a way that  environmental sustainability is ensured. Let's protect our environment as we have no other world. Please enjoy your time with us..!


What is an environmentall-Sustinable Tourism Friendly Hotel?

An environmentally-friendly hotel, also known as a green hotel or an eco hotel, offers accommodations that reduce your carbon footprint and have less impact on the environment. The owners of these hotels have taken steps to improve energy efficiency and the health of its guests and staff. An eco hotel implements green living practices that are non-toxic and safer for humans and pets.

Reasons to Stay in a Green Hotel

Many people have embraced a green lifestyle. Essentially, green living is for anyone who cares about the environment and wants to conserve the remaining natural resources, such as drinkable water and fossil fuels.

You can maintain your green lifestyle while traveling by staying at a green hotel. These hotels employ measures that improve the well-being of guests, while also reducing pollution, waste and toxicity in the hotel. For travelers who care about the environment, conservation, and sustainability, staying at a green hotel helps you to do your part in protecting the Earth.

Features of a Green Hotel

There are many ways for a hotel to be green. Although it’s hard to implement every green idea, the more eco-friendly features a hotel has, the greener it becomes.

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