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Dear Guests;

Providing a healthy and safe holiday for our guests has always been our top priority.

Depending on the recent developments around Covid-19, we are in great effort to do everything we have to do to minimize the spread of the disease, ensure your travel safety, and enjoy a clean stay. By following the hygienic rules more than ever, several measures that we have taken are:

Coronavirus Measures around Common Areas:

  1. Around all common areas (Pool, Restaurant, Lobby), safe social distance regulation has been maintained.

  2. All staff use masks and gloves.

  3. Protective shield at reception desk.

  4. At the entrance of the facility, hygienic mats containing QAC and the use of hand sanitizer have been obliged.

  5. Disinfectant glands have been placed in all entries and dense areas that are accessible to all guests.

  6. In all rooms, kitchenettes and cutlery have been provided for the use of the guests.

  7. Periodic disinfection in all areas has been increased.

  8. A precaution has been taken not to use the closed restaurant area as much as possible.

  9. Notices in public areas to inform guests about the current situation and protective measures they can take.

  10. Our hotel is periodically sprayed and disinfected by a professional team against pests.

Coronavirus Measures in Guest Rooms:

  1. The windows of all rooms and other closed areas are open during daily cleaning; ventilation for at least 1 hour after cleaning.

  2. Rooms are not used for at least 24 and 48 hours after check-out.

  3. All textiles are washed at 90 degrees temperature.

  4. The person who does housekeeping wears gloves during cleaning as well as changing them to the new ones before the next room cleaning.

  5. Extra disinfection of the most touched areas in the guest rooms, including TV remote control, air conditioning remote control, hair dryer, light switches, door switches and door handles.


Travel Flexibility: We are aware of the travel restrictions all around the world and we are happy to help you and show you all the necessary flexibilities regarding reservations.

Reservations Made: If you booked your holiday directly with our hotel before March 12, 2020, and you want to cancel or change your reservation 24 hours before check-in, we accept this for free of charge. You will get your money back in 30 business days.

New Bookings: All bookings that will be made can be changed or canceled up to 48 hours before the scheduled arrival date. You will get your money back in 30 business days.

*If you need to adjust reservations made through another travel agency, please contact them for assistance.

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